The difference between aloe gel and powder

The products are manufactured in the shortest possible time after harvest as the Aloe Vera gel oxidizes in a very short time and this reduces the healing properties of the Aloe Vera.
In most countries the Aloe Vera leaves grow to a weight of approx 1 Kilogram, on the island of Madeira the leaves grow up to 2 kilograms.

The product Aloine is removed from the fresh leaves and the leaves are always hand filleted to produce the best benificial gel from the leaf. ALOE VERA – Aloe barbadensis Miller is generally considered the most medicinally therapeutic from around 300 species of Aloe plants. ALVEDAMA is only made from Aloe Barbadensis Miller.

The Aloe Vera leaves are hand filleted by Madeira workers. The products are sold in Super markets, Pharmacies, Hotels, Touristic shops and Health shops. The Madeira Aloe Vera products are exported to the Czech Republic, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Orders are also sent to France, Germany, Austria, Netherland and Italy.

ALOE VERA belongs in a category of plants succulent, and is a member of the lily family. ALOE VERA’s thick and fleshy leaves grow from the base of the plant in a rossete pattern and the flowers are yellow

Aloe Vera does not grow in Mainland Europe as an agricultural plant as it cannot withstand temperatures of less than 7 Degrees C.

The plants are grown in Ponta de Sol, Calheta , Prazeres, Gaula, Camara de Lobos, Portela and Seixal.specimen book.

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